Snakeskin Bells & Crochet | Outfit 107

1 - Crochet Top - Handmade by me (may be on ETTE soon)
2 - Bells - ETTE
3 - Hoody - UNIF via Lucie

Excuse my messy bedroom and just look at these bells!  We've been selling them at ETTE for a couple of months now and they have been selling so fast that i have only just had chance to make a pair for myself.  I've also recently taken up crochet and this halter top is my first attempt and pretty damn good i think!  So they might be making an appearance on ETTE after a couple of tweaks.  And finally this knitted, shredded, most awesome hoody ever which i have been wanting for AGESSSSS.  It's by UNIF and Lucie got her hands on one when they came out and i have been on eBay trying to find one but to no avail.  So Lucie very (very, very, very) kindly gave me hers - it hasn't been off my body since.


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