Sunday Morning | Outfit 116

1 - Sunglasses - H&M
2 - Jacket - Nasty Gal
3 - Hoody - UNIF
4 - Shoes - Converse
5 - Tee - Tigers Eye
6 - Flares - Tigers Eye

You ever have one of those days which just doesn't go to plan?  Today was one of those days.  I was meant to be selling with Tigers Eye at a charity event today in Leeds.  But after me and Lucie had loaded up my car, it decided not to start.  We literally could not believe it.  So as i was dressed and looking somewhat presentable, i thought i'd take the chance to get some blog photos.  Plus, if you head over to my youtube channel i've even done a quick OOTD video.

Morning Skincare Routine | Beauty

My morning skincare routine for oily or combination skin types

Today i thought i'd talk you through my morning skincare routine.   All these products are ones that i am actually using right now and are not necessarily my favourites, so there is a mixture of good and not-so-good products.  For reference, my skin type is combination with dry cheeks and a very oily t-zone.

All That Glitters | Outfit 115

1 - Hat - Forver 21
2 - Tee - Urban Outfitters
3 - Flares - Forever 21
4 - Sequin Jacket - Charity Shop
5 - Fringed Jacket - Topshop via eBay

I got this sequin jacket yesterday from my local charity shop. I ended up with some time to kill whilst getting my car cleaned, as that morning i had managed to spill my smoothie all over the seat and carpet.  That ended up being the most expensive smoothie ever.  This little jacket was only a fiver, so i thought i'd treat myself - it's so good for layering both over and underneath things. I'm not a classic 'glam' girl but there is something about metallics and sequins that is just so rock and roll when you wear them in a casual way.  So this jacket will most probably be worn to death this winter.

Out Of Place Cowgirl Biker | Outfit 114

1 - Vintage Faux Fur Jacket - Tigers Eye
2 - Waistcoat - French Charity Shop
3 - Tee - From my BFF
4 - Jeans - Topshop via Car Boot Sale
5 - Boots - Car Boot Sale
6 - Boot Straps - Charity Shop

Long time no blog, eh? Well after a rather shitty summer i am back, and actually quite enjoying this colder weather.  I think it's due to the fact i have so many awesome coats that i'm loving getting warm and cosy in.  I've been living in this Harley tee that Lucie got me from a car boot sale in York.  Oversized and perfectly worn, it's my new favourite. 

Where the hell is summer? | Outfit 113

1 - Tee - Urban Outfitters
2 - Flares - T K Maxx
3 - Converse - Car Boot Sale
4 - Jumper - Car Boot Sale
5 - Bag - Car Boot Sale

Seriously, where has the sun dissapeared to?  Living in the north west of England means that we rarely see much of the sun and are more acclimatised to grey, dreary days.  But usually we manage to have quite a sun filled August - not this year.  I think the fact that i've had to cancel both of my holidays - France & Spain - means that this year i'm really missing the sun, and a tan!  I'm still holding out for a scorching could happen.

In The Studio | Outfit 112

1 - Cardigan - H&M via car boot sale
2 - Tee - Vintage via car boot sale
3 - Jeans - Somedays Lovin'
4 - Converse - Car boot sale

A lazy outfit from the other day, which was spent in the ETTE studio shooting some new products.  I've been watching loads of Nirvana documentaries and listening to Smashing Pumpkins which is why i think this outfit was a bit more grungy.  It actually reminds me of what Kurt wore for Nirvanas MTV Unplugged set.  And speaking of Nirvana docs, who else has watched Soaked In Bleach?  Definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.

Dog Sitting | Outfit 111

1 - Hat - Forever 21
2 - Top - T K Maxx
3 - Shorts - Forever 21
4 - Bag - Car Boot Sale
5 - Shoes - Converse via Car Boot Sale

I've recently got back into shopping at T K Maxx - mainly because of the awesome, discounted beauty items they stock.  But after venturing back towards the clothes rails a few weeks ago, i have to admit that they are killing it at the minute with their selection of boho garms.  I saw this top and instantly fell in love with it so after taking it with me to the changing rooms (along with a few other awesome bits) i decided to buy it.  At £16.99 it seems a little too expensive for a discount store, but considering i would happily part with £40 if this was in Topshop i figured i was still getting a good deal.