So I'm back from Spain!  Me and Lucie were there for a half holiday/half sourcing trip for ETTE.  The weather was boiling hot and we got to work on our tans - Lucie more than me as i'm basically a ghost.  The beaches were lovely and i got obsessed with strawberry icecream.  I gave up chocolate as i literally eat it everyday, and not just a little, like a whole big share size bar.  I'm now on day 23 and haven't had any chocolate or anything chocolate flavoured!  Believe me when i say that is a big deal for me.  The first few days were like coming off a crack binge but now i haven't got any cravings at all.  Enough about chocolate.

We have got some awesome stuff for ETTE that we will be uploading this week.  I seriously have my eye on so many things it's ridiculous!  Make sure you check out ETTE anyway as all our sale items are only £5 with free shipping.


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