1 - Jacket - Primark
2 - Top - Topshop
3 - Shorts - One Teaspoon @ Nasty Gal
4 - Bag - Nasty Gal
5 - Boots - Primark

Aren't you guys lucky?! Two posts in one day.  I'm being far too productive today.  Joking, i'm currently lying in my bed wrapped in a blanket eating too much chocolate.  I just knew if i didn't post today's outfit today then i would forget about it for ages so here we are.  Wearing quite a bit of Primark today - i'm not a huge fan of it but it has got alot better recently.  I've been looking after my step brothers dog again today and it just makes me want my own dog so badly - their cute little faces and loving eyes!  My ideal dog would be a blue French Bulldog and i would call him Dee Dee like the bassist from the Ramones.