1 - Hat - Topshop
2 - Top - Unif via eBay
3 - Trousers - Charity Shop
4 - Boots - Topshop
5 - Jewellery - eBay, H&M

I bought this top from eBay the other day and got it for an absolute bargain for Unif which was suprising.  I absolutely love it and although it is definitely more of a 'summer' top, i just had to wear it today.  Plus, so far my day has consisted of lying in bed, making gingerbread and chilling out with my boyfriend so it's not like i've had to brave the cold.  I can't believe Christmas is only days away.  I really don't feel in the Christmas spirit at all.  It just feels like a normal week to me which i hate because i love Christmas so much.  I guess this is just what happens when you get older and sway more towards the glass being half empty. 

P.S - I know taking these pics in my room is not the best but are you all loving my Leo DiCaprio collage?  Yes, i am obsessed.