1 - Jumper - Topshop
2 - Dungarees - Ette 
3 - Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes
4 - Jewellery - eBay, Vintage, Evil Twin, Ette

I love Mondays - it's a fresh start to the week and you've had time to chill at the weekend.  Today, however, i'm just not feeling it.  The weather is doing it's normal groove of four seasons in one day and i am still refusing to believe our summer is over.  Although, i am actually wearing a jumper.  But i think if you've got your legs out, you've still got hope the sun is coming out.  And it did for about 3 minutes before the rain started.  I always forget how much i love wearing dungarees until i wear them again.  I just threw this outfit on as we were on our way out to go fabric sourcing but it worked out pretty well.  My choker adds the finishing touch and, as always, my coltranes made an appearance.

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  1. Everything about today was ghey, I wanted to have been fabric sourcing with you guys! Waaah.