Last night me and Lucie went to go see Friends at The Deaf Institute in Manchester.  So happy i got to see them in such a small venue as i know they are gonna be big this year and they already have another tour coming up in bigger venues.  Was a great night - we were stood right by the stage door at the front and were stood next to all the band during the support act.  I was loving their Brooklyn accents and wanted to speak to them so badly, but decided to act nonchalent rather than being some crazed fan.  The front girl was amazing, she was the epitome of 'cool' and just didn't give a fuck.  The venue was amazing, i have never been in their before, despite it being right next to The Footage which i used to go to alot.  Definately wanna go back again, such a great gig venue.  The highlight was definately seeing them play 'I'm His Girl'.  Amazing!


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