1 - Hat - eBay
2 - Denim Jacket - Vintage
3 - Top - Gift from Lucie :)
4 - Jeans - Topshop
5 - Shoes - Primark
6 - Jewellery - Forever 21, Primark, Vintage

Me and Lucie needed to get out of the house today so decided to go wander round charity shops for a bit.  Since closing our shop and working from home i have got into a pyjama rut - it's too cold and uncomfortable being at home in proper clothes!  So i have been a bit out of touch with my wardrobe and my style is now a bit 'mehhh'.  So today was just a simple outfit as i had no idea what to wear plus the weather isn't helping either.  Do i dress to be warm or is it ok outside?  Today it was pretty damn humid so jeans were not a plan.  But seriously Britain, where is our summer?  Or even our spring?!


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