1 - Tee - Boyfriends
2 - Shorts - H&M via eBay
3 - Boots - Thriftette
4 - Bag - Nasty Gal
5 - Jewellery - Forever 21 & Vintage

I haven't blogged is soooooooo long! I apologise - have been crazy busy as thriftette has had some BIG changes recently which will be announced soon.  So just been sorting all of that out and throwing myself into our new routine.  Exciting!  Anyway, the sun was actually out today - yay!  Can you believe it's taken till May to become bearable to wear shorts minus the tights?!  Today was the first outing for these shorts.  I got them off ebay months ago and i love the neon paisley pattern.  Brightens up even my trusty Iron Maiden tee.  I don't know why i look so pissed off in these photos as today was a really great day so please ignore my sombre face.  I will be back soon and more regularly from now on i promise <3


  1. This looks like you're in Barcelona or something, not Manchester! Haha. I think that's just your "the sun's in my eyes" face, because that's what mine looks like.

  2. great look!!
    would you like to follow each other?