1 - Top - H&M
2 - Shorts - H&M
3 - Jewellery - Primark, vintage and Thriftette
4 - Shoes - Primark
5 - Bindis - Thriftette

I haven't posted in a while as i have been at the shop alot and Lucie (my blog "photographer") has been in France and i can bever be bothered to get out the tripod before work.  Too much effort for me in the morning!  I picked up this top and shorts from H&M the other week and they were both like £12.99! Bargain!  H&M are upping their game recently, as are Primark.  So make sure you go heck out their new stuff as it will get you all excited for summer!


  1. Hey flower - I love that top! Fab little post. I'm loving Primark at the moment, such great things in there. Most of the time I'm browsing through like, ugh what is all this junk? But no, definitely loving it right now!

    Lots of love ✿

    1. I know! Primark have upped their game! Hope your good <3

  2. lovely outfit