20 Facts

I've seen a couple of these blog posts over the internet recently and as i have been lazy and haven't blogged for a while i thought i would jump on the bandwagon.  I love reading random shit about people and maybe you do too so i hope you enjoy learning more about me.

1 - My name is Grace.  I used to hate my name as a kid but have grown to love it although i don't think i look like a 'Grace'.

2 - I'm currently 24 but look about 12.  I don't know whether it's because i dress young or kids are dressing older for their age.  I think it's probably a mixture of both, but oh well......

3 - I co-own Thriftette with my best friend Lucie (www.lovefromlucie.blogspot.com).  We sell vintage and original clothing in our Manchester store and online at www.thriftette.com.  It is the best job ever!

4 - I have a boyfriend, Daniel.  We have been together for about 4 1/2 years and they have been the best years of my life.

5 - I haven't drunk any alcohol for about 2 years.  I never consciously decided to quit, i just stopped one day and that was it.  I don't know if i will never drink again but i have drunk far too much when i was younger and had my fill of it for the minute.

6 - I love blackcurrant.  It is pretty much the only thing i drink, bar the odd soda or caffeine free tea.

7 - I have 2 cats, Bagheera and Coco.  They are both black and love waking me up by scratching at my door at stupid o' clock in the morning.

8 - I'm in love with Leonardo DiCaprio.  My favourite film is Baz Lurhmanns 'Romeo & Juliet'.  The fish tank scene makes my heart skip a beat.

9 - My favourite blogger is Madeline Pendleton at Jean Griege.  She is amazing at putting outfits together and fun to read too.  She has great opinions on so many things it is really inspiring.

10 - I love so many different bands and artists but my all time favourites are The Ramones, Kings of Leon and The White Stripes.  I can literally listen to them on repeat.

11 - I desperately want to move to LA even though i have never been.

12 - Places i have travelled to are New York, Spain, Crete, France, Singapore, Canada, and New Zealand.

13 - I suffer from anxiety problems and have phobias of spiders and flying.  Although, the last time i flew i loved it.  I think alot of it is mind over matter and i guess i'm just used to being scared of flying so i continue to believe i am.  Does that make sense?

14 - My favourite actress is Kirsten Dunst.  I think she is so beautiful and incredibly talented.  I admire her lifestyle and the fact she doesn't crave media attention.

15 - I have a 2.1 degree in BA Fashion from Leeds College of Art.  The course was pretty rubbish to be honest and i didn't get along with the tutors or my classmates, apart from Lucie.  Yay for meeting best friends! 

16 - I'm scared of needles but have 6 tattoos and my tongue and septum pierced.  I want to take my septum out but i think the gap between my nose and lips is too big.  So i guess i have left it in to try and hide it.

17 - I smoke alot.  I started when i was far too young but i won't say when as my mum will read.  Sorry mum!  It is probably my worst habit but i don't feel like i will ever quit.  It's too cool to quit, but don't do it kids.  It's bad.

18 - My ideal meal would be an amazing juicy burger and fries followed by cadbury's chocolate.  

19 - My most expensive purchase would be my Jeffrey Campbell Musnter boots which i haven't worn enough as they are so damn heavy.  I tend to buy alot of stuff from America as the selection is so much better and i think the British high street is pretty shit apart from Topshop.

20 - I'm a really fast walker and get really annoyed with people who either walk ridiculously slow, just stop for no reason in the middle of the pavement and people who are too busy texting to look where they're going.  People are so oblivious to the world around them, it astonishes me.

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  1. Woo that was fun even though I know it already! Yay for number 6 hahahhha xxx