Primark Jewellery Haul

I'm not a fan of Primark as i think the clothes, as cheap as they are, lose their shape after one wash.  I also find that i tend to buy crap that i would never normally buy because of the cheap price tag.  I know there's loads of people who love it, but it just isn't my thing.  It's not that i'm being a 'snob', i just hate the crowds and clothes strewn everywhere (normally in the wrong place) and even when i do see something i like, it's not in my size. 

I decided to pop in after reading somewhere (i think it was fashion fade?) that the jewellery was really good in Primark recently.  And man did i find some good shit!  I was surprised to see how good it all was!  It's better than what i have seen in most other stores recently so i let myself go a bit crazy, although at these prices you can't exactly go mental.  Always a plus!

If anyone is about then they should go check it all out and grab some bargains.  The silver body chain is great for wearing over simple tops and they hand chains are just amazing.  And the ivory and turquoise chest plate necklace is a bargain considering you would pay ten times the price for one in Topshop.

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