1 - Jacket - Nasty Gal
2 - Top - Nasty Girl
3 - Jeans - Topshop
4 - Boots - eBay
5 - Jewellery - Market, Topshop, Thriftette

I haven't done an outfit post in ages so i quickly got Lucie to snap these for me before i headed out to get the train.  I LOVE this jacket despite the shearling lining coating everything i'm wearing underneath.  It is very similar to the UNIF one.  I ordered it the other week from Nasty Gal along with a top and some shorts.  Unfortunately the shorts are HUGE on me so i have just had to re-order them in a much smaller size.  They are the One Teaspoon ZZ shorts and for anyone interested in buying them, buy smaller than you think!  I am a uk size 8, but a larger 8.  So i ordered the waist 28 which in Topshop is too big but i thought that One Teaspoon might not be as generous with their sizing.  Man, was i wrong! I measured the supposed 28 waist shorts and they are actually a 34!  So i have now purchased the 25s hoping that they will fit me well.  Oh, the drama of not living in the US.  

I'm currently in Wales for xmas with my mum, step dad and brother.  I'm probably gonna fit into those huge shorts by the time i'm back with all the food there is here!  But that's what xmas is all about - overindulging!  I hope everyone else has a great xmas :)


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