1 - Floral Stud Headband - Topshop
2 - Skull Necklace - Topshop
3 - Top - Nasty Gal
4 - Jeans - Topshop
5 - Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Munster

I took these outfit photos in Lucie's bedroom as i was in a rush to get to the shop and the tripod was already set up in there.  Do you prefer or should i go back to my window background?  I love this nasty gal top and have been wearing it far too much since i got it.  I really need to go shopping but i have been spending all my spare cash on Christmas pressies for my family and friends.  I'm trying to spread the cost this year rather than frantically realising i need to go last minute shopping with zero dollar.  So far i have got my dad sorted but i will refrain from telling you what it is in case he is reading.  But he will love it.  My mum is half sorted and i've got a few ideas for what else to get her.  No idea about my boyfriend yet as he is so hard to buy for and never really wants anything.  And that is about as far as i've got so far - pretty good for mid november though.  I'm also trying to save up to get my hair coloured somewhere but it isn't going so well.  I'm trying though, so that's something.


  1. my room! i have tided it now lol xx

  2. yes yes yes to those shoes - you are so hot miss- i need to follow you

  3. Those shoes are perfection! Love your style xx