Bootsale Bargains

Me and Lucie went car booting this morning and this is what i managed to get.  I gave myself a budget of £10 as i have no monies, but i maybe went slightly over.  But i did buy more expensive items than usual so it's fine.  This leather jacket is immense and only £2!  Another car booter tried to steal it off me while i was trying it on but it's mine!  It's real leather and has apparently had many adventures including Donnington Fest in the 80s!  I got the Doc Martens for a fiver.  They are a size 4 but fit me fine so i'm in two minds about ebaying or keeping for myself?  They are a dark purple which i love and after visiting the DM shop in town yesterday i am feeling myself more drawn to them than normal.  The converse were £2 and i have been looking for a pair like this for ages at the car boots so i was happy to find a pair in my size.  They are real leather all over, slightly worn but that's fine by me - i don't have to go through the sore feet saga.  The jumper is Topshop and was £2.  I've been looking for a cropped one like this so that was a good find.  It's a size 12 so a bit baggy but it's all good.  Finally, these disco pant dupes by Sparkle & Fade were only a quid!  Again, in a size 12 but i'm thinking i will just sew them a bit smaller to fit me, et voila!


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