all photos are courtesy of Haydn Rydings Photogrpahy and may not be copied without consent

I mentioned a while ago that i went out to do a photoshoot with my boyfriends brother, photographer Haydn Rydings.  This is the outcome of that day.  The shoot was a practice run for an upcoming engagement shoot Haydn was doing.  He kindly edited these photos for me and put them onto a CD so i thought i'd share them on here.  Haydn is completely my style of photographer - gritty, urban, modern and unique.  He is so great at getting shots that don't look too posy or put together and his passion for the art really shines through when he's busy taking shots.  He's already photographed Kesha, Liam Gallagher and worked with MTV so i feel very priviledged.  Also, look out for his work in The Times soon!


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