Cross Oceans

Not posted in forever, so apologies!  Just a quick post on some recent purchases this weekend.  Me and Lucie went to a couple of car boots on Sunday morning and i got all this stuff plus a few other bits.  The last dress is from Huk in Afflecks as i have been needing a tie dye midi in my life for ages now and this one is great - i got discount too which is a bonus! But you can buy the dress in there for £17 if you want one.  The rest of the stuff from the car boots cost me £5.40, and as well as whats shown here, i got 2 pairs of Topshop jeans and a vintage bag! Bargain or what eh?!  I am waiting for loads more stuff to arrive in lovely packages from ebay too.  I have got slightly obsessed with ebay recently but i have banned myself now as i have run out of money.  I will be back to normal posting now and have some great posts coming up including a DIY one which is a first for me.  Hope you enjoy!


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