Ultimate Crush

I want to be Bebe Zeva - she is a style chameleon!  Every look she creates i fall in love with intantaneously.  She is only 18 which is just ridiculous considering the talent she has for putting outfits together so perfectly.  Her hair and makeup is always flawless too, but what i love about her the most is that she doesn't care what people thing of her.  Me and my boyfriend were discussing her and he pointed out that if i was to go walking round Manchester dressed like her i would get alot of weird looks in my direction.  Completely true and completely unfair, dismissive and closed minded of people.  I wish i had the confidence to pull off a great style like this.  But i am going to work on it.  It is a shame not too and i'm fed up of being stuck in my style rut.

You can check out Bebe's blog here.


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