001 - So flatforms have been around for a few months now, but i have only just purchased my first pair (or two).  I just haven't been able to find any that i loved enough to part with my cash.  They are so comfy to wear and i love my creepers which i have had for a while, but flatforms are more summer friendly than creepers.  They give you the height of a heel but without making your feet ache.  Perfect.

002 - This black pair are from Topshop and were the last pair in stock so i was very lucky to get them.  I love how simple they are yet still fun.  They remind me of the Isabel Marant ones that Rumi Neely is constantly wearing.  I wore them all day without any sore feet at night.  

003 - I bought this pair in a sale at Office.  They were £55 but had gone down to £30 and again, they were the last pair in the shop.  So of course i had to buy them.  I love leopard print and my boyfriend is always calling me Bette Lynch, so i doubt he will be a fan but i don't care.  I feel very Gwen Stefani when i wear them.

Has anyone got any good flatforms and do you think this trend will disappear as quickly as it arrived? I'm not sure, but i do love mine. 


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