Oh Deer

Been meaning to blog about this for a while.  A week or two ago Trafford Parsons came to our shop to do some artwork on the walls.  Armed with a stencil and various cans of spray paint he got to work.  The first problem arose when his ladder wouldn't reach high enough and after trying to balance the ladder on a cheap ikea table we had an accident.  Luckily the only damage we did was to the table.  So after finally finding a suitable ladder, the spray painting began.  It wasn't long before Trafford was telling us about his days as a roadie and we lost track of time.  We are so happy with how the shop looks now - we no longer have to stare at white walls.  We have already started naming each of the deers who, although all done with the same stencil, seem to have varying characteristics.  Come into the shop and check it out, even name a deer if you want!  
You can buy Trafford's work here - www.traffordparsons.bigcartel.com
Or visit his website here - www.traffordparsons.com


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