Hazy Days

001 - the virgin suicides
002 - pretty in white
003 - say cheese
004 - boy meets girl
005 - rodarte for opening ceremony
006 - coco de coeur (£40 at Doll Boutique)
007 - stylestalker (£110 at Asos)

After recently watching 'The Virgin Suicides' i have fallen in love with all things hazy and been dreaming of those angsty teenage years where so much seems to matter. For anyone who hasn't seen the film, it is a must see by the great director Sofia Coppola. The cinematography is beautiful and dreamy and the story is disturbingly magical.

Channel your inner rebel in this top from Coco de Coeur at Doll Boutique. Wear this dress from Stylestalker at Asos with chunky boots and a denim jacket to toughen up the look. Both the pieces remind me of the innocent yet disturbed characters who i have come to adore.


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