The Best Boots | Outfit 110

1 - Dress - Flea Market
2 - Bag - Vintage
3 - Boots - Car Boot Sale
4 - Jewellery - Vintage, H&M, Forever 21

It's not often that you can leave your house in the UK without having to take a jacket - but today was one of those days.  As someone who seems to be perpetually cold, i crave the feeling of the warmth on my skin so i am loving this super hot weather we have at the minute.  

This dress is so easy to wear, plus it's black like the majority of my wardrobe.  But the best thing about today was getting to wear my new boots which i got for a grand total of £2 at a car boot last weekend.  Since my favourite boots ever have decided to fall apart on me (which cost me 1 euro, so seemed ridiculous to spend £20 to get them fixed), i have been searching for a pair of low heeled boots.  So when i spotted these and realised they were in my size, i said a big thankyou to the car boot gods.  


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