Conchos & Converse | Outfit 109

1 - Hat - Forever 21
2 - Playsuit - Forever 21
3 - Bag - Vintage
4 - Shoes - Converse
5 - Necklace - La Moda
6 - Rings - Vintage, Topshop

Summer is here (kinda...) and that means i get to wear clothes i actually like wearing.  I'm really not one for layering and i've never managed to find a jumper i feel comfortable in.  So i'm definitely a child of the sun, despite what my pale complexion might be telling you - which, by the way, is covered in two layers of faux glow.  

So when the sun finally decided to shine and when i finally decided to get out of bed, i threw on my new playsuit from Forever 21 which is just the right amount of loose and comfy, yet structured with a few well placed darts.  This concho hat is just perfection and made my heart skip a beat when i saw it lying on a table in the shop, so of course i had to buy it.  I guess the obvious choice of shoe for me would be a pair of boots but i didn't want to feel too dressy so went with my trusty converse which give the outfit a more laid back feel.