An Update

My last post was wayyyy to long ago but what can i say - life gets in the way.  Totally didn't mean for that to rhyme...

This year seems to be flying by already.  I had my driving test at the end of January and passed first time.  So at the age of 26 i finally have my first car.  I am so glad i can nip to the shops and go and see my boyfriend whenever i want.  Life seems so much easier with a car, although i hate to admit that.

Other than that, i have been busy working.  It seems like the workload has tripled which is amazing and i'm so happy we are getting busier and bigger but man, i am tired!  I don't think the winter weather has been helping things either so i'm hoping summer comes early.

Finally, i have changed up my blog a little bit.  I have been so busy with other things that i feel like i have no time for blogging which is something i love doing.  So i'm making it a priority to get back on it, along with finding more 'me' time to chill out and do the things i love.  'Cause i like having my own little space on the internet - getting creative and documenting my life through blog posts.


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