1 - Waistcoat - Vintage @ ETTE
2 - Dress - Topshop
3 - Bag - Vintage @ ETTE
4 - Sunglasses - Topshop
5 - Sandals - Topshop

Another one of my holiday outfits.  I bought this dress just before we went away as i just don't own any dresses (apart from black dresses that i wear to formal things).  It was £18 from Topshop and i am so in love with it.  It's just a simple tiered short dress made from jersey so it is so easy to throw on you can style it so many ways so i think it is an absolute bargain.  You may notice that i'm wearing the same shoes, bag and sunglasses in these posts but you can thank luggage limits for that.  Although i really don't have a problem with wearing items again and again in blog posts because that is how i live.  And to show anything otherwise would be a lie.  I recently read Lydia's blog post about outfit repeating and she pretty much sums it up.


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