1 - Sunglasses - Forever 21
2 - Top - Lucie's hand me down
3 - Shorts - One Teaspoon
4 - Sandals - Topshop
5 - Jewellery - Vintage, H&M, Primark

Sun, sun, sunnnnnnn!  It has been so amazing the past couple of days and i'm loving it.  Mainly because it means i get to live in shorts and these sandals.  My boyfriend calls this my 'Daisy Duke' outfit but i was going for more of a rock and roll, hillbilly cowgirl vibe.  I honestly wish i lived in the deep south of America.  My hair has been really pissing me off recently as i just never do anything with it, but i really want to do things with it.  I just feel i don't suit anything well because of my huge round head.  So today i tried something new.  Wait for it.........half up/half down!  Really not adventurous but baby steps, i guess.  Does anyone else suffer with this round head/shit hair situation?!

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  1. Your hair looks so good like this! Love the shorts as well <3