1 - Jacket - Car Boot
2 - Vintage Tee - eBay
3 - Jeans - Gift from Lucie
4 - Boots - Topshop
5 - Bag - H&M

So how amazing is this jacket?!  And even better, it was £2! Best buy ever!  I have had a lovely weekend with my Mum visiting my Grandparents and having tea and cake in Chorlton.  I was so sad when she left, i wish she lived nearer.  But Lucie and me are off to France this Friday to source some new vintage stuff for ETTE.  Can't wait.  I just hope the weather is nice and warm.  Or at least warmer than it is here, although i shouldn't complain because the weather today has been gorgeous.  Also, on Friday i had a crazy idea to cut my hair so i have a rather makeshift fringey thing going on now which is alright but takes alot more maintenance. 


  1. Love this outfit, those jeans look so cool <3

    Ellen xx

  2. great outfit! wish i was going to France on friday xx