1 - Scarf/Turban - Topshop
2 - Jumper - Hand me down from Lucie
3 - Jeans - Hand me down from Lucie
4 - Trainers - Topshop

Today feels like it has been crazy but it hasn't really.  I've just been feeling really hyped up and excited and i think maybe it's my new hurrrrrrrr!  I haven't really done a great dye job and i wanted some yellows and oranges in there but all we had at home was blue, green and pink so that's what i did.  I have also started driving lessons.  I know, i know, i'm 25 and a late starter but i never had the urge to drive till now.  It was my second lesson today and i had so much fun cause i got to drive myself home - oh the novelty!   And for any of you driving round and being nasty to us learners - stop it!