1 - Hat - Zara
2 - Jacket - Primark
3 - Jumper - Charity Shop
4 - Tartan Skirt - Vintage @ ETTE
5 - Boots - Primark

You'll have to excuse the photos and angry faces i'm pulling as it was chucking it down when i took these photos earlier.  Suprisingly, my legs weren't cold at all so i'm ready for more bare legs now - not waiting till summer and can no longer do tights!  Today i got dressed in a rush as me and Lucie were going out on a fabric hunt for ETTE.  We got some great fabric and got some amazing new things coming your way soon so stay tuned or check out our website here.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Grace,

    I really love your style!

    Today's outfit was really gorgeous. I definitely want to have such a kilt!

    I also can't wait until I can ditch the tights. Today I decided to brave the cold and pulled of bare legs when I went shopping. I must have been the only girl in town and I got some strange looks but it was worth it:-)

    Best regards,