1 - Hat - Zara
2 - Jacket - Vintage @ ETTE
3 - Scarf - Primark
4 - Top - Stolen from boyfriend
5 - Faux Leather Pants - Topshop
6 - Boots - Topshop

These photos were taken yesterday when me and Lucie went into town for a little bit of retail therapy.  It was so cold and windy but luckily i didn't lose my hat.  I'm fed up of wearing coats at the minute so i've been opting for jackets with loads of layers underneath to keep me warm.  Plus, this scarf is so handy for wrapping round you when you need that extra bit of warmth.  These pants were actually a hand me down from Lucie but originally from Topshop and they are so good for when you want to wear trousers but don't want to wear jeans.  

P.S - Make sure you go and check out Lucie's youtube channel here featuring a video on how we spent our morning yesterday!