1 - Top - Gift from Lucie
2 - Jeans - Carboot Sale
3 - Boots - Carboot Sale
4 - Necklaces - Vintage, Primark, Flea Market

Today i'm wearing all my new bargains!  In fact, this whole outfit cost a total of £8.  And the boots alone were £7, but totally worth it - how AMAZING are they!  Lucie gave me this top as i have no boobs so she thought it would look better on me.  Ahh, the joys of having a flat chest.  I love it, i just wish the weather was a bit warmer so i wasn't freezing my ass off.  I've currently got a chest infection so it probably isn't the best choice of clothing but i just couldn't wait to wear it.


  1. Get a cardigan on! You'll freeze.
    (I'm in my fleece dressing gown now & slippers)

    1. Yep i'm in my fleecy pj's now haha. xxx