1 - Top - H&M
2 - Shorts - Handmade
3 - Bag - Primark
4 - Sandals - Primark
5 - Jewellery - Vintage, Topshop

I wore this outfit yesterday while we were running errands.  This top is so old and screwed up that i should really not wear it anymore but it's such a good staple.  I made these shorts a while ago after lusting over the Tunnel Vision ones but having no money to buy them so i made my own crappier version.  But i will buy the TV ones as soon as i have money cause they're just too damn good!  

Me and Lucie are off to France tomorrow to get finding new vintage stock for Ette.  Plus we're staying with her parents and they have a pool!  Jealous?!  I'll be back on Monday so till then, Au Revoir!


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