1 - Dress - Mink Pink
2 - Sandals - Primark
3 - Jewellery - Forever 21, vintage, Topshop

I haven't posted in an age as i've been on holiday and moved house so everything has been up in the air at the minute!  Finally starting to settle back into reality now though and back to blogging from my new garden!  The weather is just CRAZY at the minute so i have still felt like i have been on holiday although i swear it's hotter here than it was in Spain.  Not gonna complain though - i love just throwing on some shorts and a tee and not having to worry about jackets, jumpers and, god forbid, tights (ewww).  I hope everyone else is enjoying the sun and heat as much as i am.  At least it means we have an excuse to have ice cream everyday.


  1. You are just posting again because you want your style on the Ette blog next. Well......... tough. I've already decided it's going to be Baghera.