1 - Denim Jacket - Vintage @ Thriftette
2 - Tee - Stolen from bf
3 - Ripped Jeans - Car boot sale
4 - Boots - Urban Outfitters
5 - Jewellery - Vintage, Evil Twin, Thriftette, Dixi

I have been living in this tee for far too long but i just love it! These jeans are so comfy too and i love rips in jeans at the minute.  I thought i'd pair them with these boots which i adore!  The heel is all black and glittery and they fit so snug around the ankles.  Perfection in a boot!  I actually got them from my mum for christmas and have worn them alot but i don't think i have blogged them before.  Maybe i have, but here they are in all their glittering glory!

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  1. DEM BOOTS! I wanted them in December but had just about forgotten them. Now the cravings have resurfaced!