1 - Hat - Zara
2 - Kimono Jacket - Topshop via ebay
3 - Top - Thriftette
4 - Jeans - Topshop
5 - Boots - eBay

I took these pictures when i got in from work so the lighting isn't great again.  I got this hat the other day from Zara after seeing it on Fashion Fade's blog.  I love it! It's is so fun and i'm not really sure if i suit hats that well but this one adds that little bit extra to an outfit so i don't really care.  It has been so windy today so it was a good job i was inside all day or i would of lost it in a blustery breeze. 

My mum has been in hospital today and i have just heard from her after her operation.  I could not be happier to hear that she is fine although a bit tired and sore.  I am so happy she can recover and get better now after months of agony for her.  I'm feeling very upbeat, happy and thankful right now.

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  1. I love your Kimono jacket!! I really wanted it and then I can never get one cheap enough off ebay. I'm glad your mum is okay and hope she feels better soon :)