1 - Sheepskin Coat - Topshop
2 - Crop Jumper - Topshop
3 - High Waisted Jeans - Topshop
4 - Boots - eBay
5 - Jewellery - Thriftette and Evil Twin
6 - Holographic Nail Varnish - Amazon

I have only just realised i'm pretty much covered in Topshop today.  I hate wearing all one brand but recently i have been on a bit of a splurge as i made some dollar on ebay.  This coat was the BEST find ever!  It's the posher Topshop label (can't remember what it's called now) and was meant to be £110 but was £30! They only had size 16 or a 10 so i held onto the 10 for dear life when i spotted it.  It is a little bit big on me as normally i would wear and 8 or 6 in coats at Topshop cause i'm so short but i HAD to get it.  The jumper was another must buy and was more expensive than the coat but i love it's grungy aesthetic.

Lucie is away in France, hopefully buying more stock for Thriftette, so any outfit posts i do will unfortunately be taken in my flat on a tripod.  I prefer taking them outside as the lighting is a bazillion times better but oh well.....

P.S.  I'm not one for taking photos of my nails but how immense is this holographic varnish?! Amazing!


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