1 - Dress - Calamity - 80 Euros
2 - Crop Jumper - Topshop - £32
3 - Boots - Urban Outfitters - £120
4 - Zip Leggings - Nasty Gal - £23.60

Just a couple of things i wish i could afford at the minute.  I saw Olivia wearing this dress on her blog and it is immense! I love the tartan skirt and mesh top.  I'm not a huge neon fan but i just love this jumper! Perfect for brightening up winter and great for spring and summer too - i think i need this!  These boots are perfect.  I tried them on yesterday when i was out with my brother and they had a sign saying they were £40 so i was halfway to the pay desk when i got told they were actually £120!  So i do not own these yet :(  I saw these leggings on Nasty Gal the other day and loved the zip up front and high waisted style but unfortunately they are sold out of my size now.  Has anyone else found themselves mentally spending money they don't have?  Although i have now finished my christmas shopping so i no longer have to worry about that.

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