1 - Sheepskin Coat - Vintage 
2 - Top - Topsale (sale)
3 - Velvet Leggings - Car Boot Sale
4 - Boots - eBay

Another quick outfit post today.  Again, it was taken in the flat so apologies for the bad lighting.  I feel like i'm living in these leggings at the minute but they are so warm and comfy and it's sooooo cold outside now.  Me and Lucie went to the Dior event last night where there was free champagne, makeovers and a free perfume!  I'm currently at the shop eating a mince pie and listening to the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack.  I was meant to be going to see The Hobbit tomorrow but realised i got the dates wrong and it's out next week :( I'm a huge LOTR/Hobbit geek so i cannot wait to see it!  Anyone got anything planned for this weekend?

p.s how cute is our little kitten, she is called coco chanel and is about 8 months old <3


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