1 - Hat - Topshop
2 - Denim Jacket - Vintage - Thriftette
3 - Jumper - Topshop
4 - Studded Choker - Ebay
5 - Faux Leather Leggings - Topshop via Car Boot
6 - Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Munster

Just a very, very rushed post today as i was on my way out to do my afternoon shift at the shop.  I am currently stood at the shop eating grapes and listening to The Vaccines new album.  Not sure what i make of it yet.  I'm wearing my JC Munster boots - i love how much height they give me!  Me and Lucie just filmed a quick video to show you some of our fave things in store at the minute and i'm about to edit that and get it on youtube so when it's up i will post it here too.  

Just a quick question for those of you who live in cold places, how do you deal with getting dressed and deciding what to wear?  I currently hate getting dressed as i feel like i have nothing to wear.  I know, i know.....layers right?  I'm not much of a layering person i'm afraid.  Anyway, let me know what you do to stay warm other than living in your duvet.


  1. Yes to those frigging amazing boots! I am in love with them! Also, I need your tartan leggings! J'adore!

    And it is frigging cold in the Uk at the moment isn't it! Try not having a working boiler at the moment ahaha. Layers, as you say! Checked shirts over everything, with the denim jacket over the top of that. My checked shirt is the flannel type too so it is extra warm. Primark mens section do loads at the moment in al sorts of colours for cheap. I am living in them to keep me warm under my denim jackets that are not so warm. x


    1. Oh, how i love those boots! Best purchase ever even though they bankrupted me.

      I've just been on your blog and seen you have the UNIF skirt!!!! Beyond jealous! Love it, it is so 90s Gwen Stefani!

      Yeah i do love flannel shirts but i just cant really do them, i dunno why, i feel too dumpy or summit, lol.


    2. Haha dumpy???? haha, I don't think you could ever do dumpy. Wear with a dress or skirt to dress it down. If it is just under your jacket to keep you warm no one really sees it anyway. ;-)

      And Gwen Stefani friggin rocks in the 90s! I want her style! The UNIF skirt I am wearing to death haha. I want your coltranes and these munsters! They are on my wish list! But I just cant part with the money! Eeeekk!

      Thanks for replying x