Finally my Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane's arrived!  I am in love.  I had alot of hassle with DHL but so glad i finally have them in my hands/on my feet.  I think they are possibly the best thing i have ever bought.  I couldn't stop smiling when the delivery guy handed me the box.  However, i have now declared that from now on i will not be spending any more money on material things - for a month at least.  And i will still go to car boots at the weekends but when everything is like 50p it doesn't really count - does it?  I have a couple of things on the way to me in the post too, so that will keep me satisfied - shopping wise - for a while i hope.  I'm waiting for a studded bracelet from Kelly McAllister Jewellery, some high waisted jeans off ebay and a fringed jacket off ebay too.  I hope they get here soon as i'm already styling them up in my mind.


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