Weekly Inspirations 003

001 - long pink hair
002 - big gold earrings and hats
003 - sparkly lips
004 - candy colours
005 - girls covered in tattoos
006 - chunky boots
007 - Kirsten Dunst's hair in this photo

So fed up with my hair at the minute, think imma dye it candy pink again or something.  I LOVE my big gold earrings, a girl can never have too many pairs.  I saw a girl the other day covered in tattoos and she looked amazing!  I have a few but i'm too scared of needles to get more at the minute, although i would love to be covered in them.  I ordered some chunky boots from china weeks ago and they still haven't arrived.  I'm hoping when i get home later there will be a lovely package waiting for me as i need my boots!  And Kirsten Dunst is just perfection, especially in this photo.  Her hair is just incredible, i want it.


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