DIY Studded Headband

Ok, so the other day i decided that i was gonna make my own studded faux leather headband after refusing to pay so much for one from somewhere else.  All you need is a long strip of faux leather (pleather), elastic, some pins, some studs, some scissors and a sewing machine.  You will have to excuse my awful photos.  I was at work whilst doing this so i only had my phone for photos, and trying to photograph the top of your head is pretty damn hard to do.  I kept forgetting to photograph so i hope my instructions make sense enough without photos.

Anyway, the first thing i did was cut the pleather so it was double the size of the width of my studs.  It need to be long enough to fit around your head to just behind the ears, the part at the nape of your neck will be elastic.  Next i pinned the pleather under so it formed a neat edge rather than having a raw edge.  I sewed along each side to hold it in place.  Next i measured out my elastic and sewed it to each end of the pleather so it formed a full circle.  Then it's time to stud.  You can use as many or as little as you want, i sued 7 studs and made sure i placed them equally across the top of the headband.  You can use the scissors to help bend the stud prongs into place.  And voila!  I hope that made sense to everyone as i'm pretty bad with explanations.  But i am very pleased with mine and haven't taken it off yet.  It is really easy and if my instructions are useless i'm sure there are other tutorials out there too. 


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