I have been shopping so much lately, i think it's all the sales enticing me.  I don't normally do sales to be honest, i just think that i end up buying stuff i never wanted for full price so why would i want it anyway - if i liked it that much i would already have it!  But whilst looking at the sales, you have to look at the new season stuff to which is where i end up spending.  I'm a bit of a gold jewellery junkie and needed some more rings to update my jewellery collection so these were perfect.  I also got a hoody and jumper, i'm always cold so these can be excused as they are practical purchases.  I always wear nail polish and am never seen without it on, but i have never used a base/top coat before and got fed up with the colour chipping so i bought this set from Nails Inc.  So far i'm impressed although i don't really have anything to compare it with.  Anyone got any favourites?


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