Happy Christmas

Just a few of my presents and sale bargains.  I bought this jacket and jumper from H&M on xmas eve eve as they had already gone into the sale.  Wanted a varsity for ages, since they were seen in Isabel Marant's collection.  I know it's a bit late to be jumping on it, but i just love the whole american style anyway so thought i would treat myself.  I had to buy this jumper since i destroyed the only other one i have in the tumble dryer (idiot).  That'll teach me to hurry the process of drying delicate clothes.  I got a few DVDs - the o.c season 1, heavenly creatures and factory girl.  So been lazing about in my pj's watching them all.  My friend Lucie bought me this amazing skull candle, too nice to actually use so i will be finding a nice home on a shelf somewhere for Mr. Skully.  My boyfriends brother and sister in law bought me these cross earrings from Urban Outfitters which i had previously blogged about so very pleased with those - i haven't taken them off yet.  The peanut butter was off my mum, she knows me so well, along with a few other bits.

Off to Wales in a couple of hours to stay with my mum and have xmas round 2.  Can't wait to walk to dog on the beach and drink hot chocolate and be looked after and cooked for.  Will take some (hopefully) pretty pictures and post when i get back.  Till then i hope you all had a great christmas and have lots of lovely plans for new years.  


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