October Photo Diary

001 - me and Lucie at Victoria Baths Vintage Fair
002 - me at Victoria Baths Vintage Fair
003 - an old photo of my Grandparents
004 - the sunset on my birthday
005 - the sunset on my birthday
006 - Dallas Green
007 - my cat
008 - Failsworth Vintage Fair
009 - Failsworth Vintage Fair
010 - my boyfriends dog
011 - me at City & Colour gig
012 - at City & Colour
013 - City & Colour

Just a few photos of things i've been doing in October.  It was a busy month with my birthday and my mums birthday.  I feel like i'm having a quarter life crisis at the minute.  Instead of going out like i normally would of, i went to TGIs for my birthday.  I even got free cake and balloons and the embarrassment of everyone in the restaurant singing me Happy Birthday.  Maybe i'm reverting back to childhood.  Or maybe it's the fact i had to be up at 6 to work at the vintage fair.  I don't wanna get any older now please.


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